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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Putler’s Poodles Are Still Piddling Along

Rand Paul, for one, would seem to have Putler's back.

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul defied leaders of both parties Thursday and single-handedly delayed until next week Senate approval of an additional $40 billion to help Ukraine and its allies withstand Russia’s three-month old invasion.

With the Senate poised to debate and vote on the package of military and economic aid, Paul denied leaders the unanimous agreement they needed to proceed. The bipartisan measure, backed by President Joe Biden, underscores U.S. determination to reinforce its support for Ukraine’s outnumbered forces.

The bill is going to pass. All that stupid prick is doing is being a jerk.

Or maybe he wants to secure a spot on the Tuckyo Rose Show, along with the rest of the Putler Fellatio Squad.

1 comment:

Ten Bears said...

Surely seems to me these trash love Russia so much they ought'a go live there.

Round them up, at gun-point, stuff them into cattle-cars and "escort" them, for their own protection of course, to awaiting re-purposed oil-tankers to ferry them into deportation in whatever third-world shit-hole will have them; if that be Russia ~ yes, a third-world shit-hole ~ so be it.

I can't see anyone taking them in, to be honest, they've already sold their own country, how can they be trusted to not sell out their host ... ?