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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I Don't See How This Ends Well for Her.

Some people are a little mind-boggling in their cluelessness. Knowingly breaching a presidential security perimeter and then tweeting about it? And then not understanding that just because the cops want to talk to you, that doesn't mean that at the end of the interview, you won't be escorted out the back door whilst wearing a set of locking bracelets? Does she have any idea how many smart people have talked themselves right into custody, if not prison?

Reminder: If the cops read you your rights, those are "helpful hints" or, if you're younger "life hacks". Shut the fuck up and exercise your right to counsel. And, if they ask you to come down for an interview, again, shut the fuck up and exercise your right to counsel. Or, better yet, decline the invitation altogether.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

I never get tired of this:

Dark Avenger said...

In the Nero Wolfe mystery series, sometimes the narrator, Archie Goodwin, gets arrested by the cops as a material witness or because they think he isn’t telling the truth. His standing routine for either case is:

Inform their attorney of his being in custody
Imitate a clam while in custody.