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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

No, You Really Can't

Last year, almost all of the politically-motivated murders were by Right-wingers:

The report is here.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Sorry but their report has a rather driven agenda and has a blatant error on their executive summary page that makes their stats suspect.

"Most of the murders (26 of 29) were committed by right-wing extremists, which is usually the case. However, two killings were committed by Black nationalists and one by an Islamist extremist—the latter being the first such killing since 2018."

Considering 6 people were murdered by the Black Nationalist Extremist at Waukeesha in 2021 and yet they decide to not even count that attack at all. You gotta wonder how they played with the numbers, to decide what was and was not an "extremist murder" to count it in their stats and then how they massaged the numbers to get where they wanted to go.

Further if you take the time to read the report, it appears that some of what they decided were "extremist murders seem to be rather hinky and without any linkage to an ideological basis - in one case they decide that a white nutcase killed a white husband and white wife with no known ideological reason, it gets counted as an extremist murder).

In short, not a useful nor unbiased study at all.

Violence from the extremist Right is a problem, as is violence from the extremist Left, too bad we can't get an honest unbiased study on the problem as this surely isn't one.