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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Rotor Noise

A "Shithook" firefighter:


Ten Bears said...

Whisper mode

Eck! said...

Large, noisy, and expensive to run. I presume for highly
targeted water dumps.


Tod Germanica said...

In Vietnam they once air transported our AN/MPQ-4A counterbattery/ countermortar radar unit by CH-47. Impressive as hell, like levitating and flying your house. You could play basketball in there.

w3ski said...

I live in the Greater Calif. wildfire zone. Just a few days ago we were alerted by the sound of a small plane circling. That is our warning siren. Sure as shit, some neighbor had their burn pile get away from them.
The spotter plane is always first, then the helos. Yes, it is noisy but damn it is a good sight to see. In this case, they got it out quickly but in the past, there have been days of low flying aircraft.
You won't hear me ever complain about them, except maybe that they're not enough of them.

Old NFO said...

Looks like a Coulson bird. 3K gal of water per load and the pilot did a GOOD job of taking 25k pounds on board without letting the bird sink. You could 'hear' the blade beat increasing as the weight came onboard! And yes, they can 'target' the entire load over a very small area!

JustMusing said...

Went full in front and center on my big screen and Air Pods Max. Impressive as hell!

Tip o' the Hat to the Pilot.