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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Susan Collins, Snowflake Extraordinaire

Susan ("Karen") Collins called tbe cops because somebody chalked a non-obscene, non-threatening pro-choice message on the sidewalk outside of her home.

Collins said that chalking something on a sidewalk was "defacement". That is some primo snowflakeism. It's likely that the reason why the Bangor cops told Collins that no crime had been committed was because writing with chalk on a public sidewalk doesn't constitute vandalism.


Eck! said...

Oh my, the little unaborted hoodlums are at it already.

Hopscotchism accused, Hopscotch a physical game played
by children with chalk and a sidewalk. Washes off.

Sue, take a vape on your cannabis and chill.


Stewart Dean said...

This is interesting Collins has always portrayed herself as a good in their heart earnest person but here's she's revealed as a scheming entitled b****. Pay no attention to the b**** behind the curtains. But then you know, we're really getting to see what a lot of America and its leadership really feels, even their talk is getting tawdry but their walk it's a real shitshow

Stewart Dean said...

...and yes, folks, Susie Snowflake has triggered the Streisand Effect and has many, many more message chalked on her sidewalk. Nothing like kicking up a fuss to get your grief redoubled....

w3ski said...

I can see what side of town she grew up in. That, was obscene defacement? She hasn't seen anything yet. Maybe she can share Lindsey Graham's fainting couch. Pass the anti-anxiety meds and roll another one for her.