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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

DiFi Goes Downhill

Pretty sad, really. I've known people who have had declining memories and cognitive skills, it is not pretty to watch.

(Troll comments chortling about this will be deleted, no matter who the fuck you are.)


w3ski said...

I was in Berkeley when she was Mayor of SF. Her ways didn't impress me then. Like when she gave up a .25 auto when there was a public gun confiscation going on but still possessed other guns. She has mostly voted with the Democrats since then, so there is that.
How do you get a person in power to give up gracefully, that's the question? I feel sorry that it had gone on so long. We so need vibrant representatives and not befuddled ones. She had a pretty good name for herself, I hope she doesn't let that evaporate.

dinthebeast said...

I had reservations about voting for her last time, but the alternatives were worse so I bit the bullet.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Antibubba said...

It's a shame she's a Democrat, since the Republicans welcome doddering old fools.