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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Dear Lindsey Graham: With Love, Go and Fuck Yourself

Even George Will knows that Graham is full of shit:

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, the malleable South Carolinian, says the time has come for “a dialogue about how we can finally begin to address the debt.” Finally the time is at last ripe. Which means a Democratic administration approaches.

Graham is practicing a good old Republican con that goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan: Scream about the deficit when a Democrat is in the White House and then run up the deficit when Republicans are in charge. For when they're in charge, they don't give a shit.

Well, if he's so concerned about it, let's start by repealing Trump's tax breaks for the rich. Then maybe Bush II's. And then maybe lift the cap on Social Security taxes, or keep it in place and then lift it for people making over a million a year. Or let's tax capital gains over a certain amount as ordinary wages, and nail those fucking Wall Street thieves.

But that won't happen. The Republicans always keep making life better for the rich and keep stamping down, harder and harder, on the middle class and the working poor. Republicans have connived in the hollowing out of the American economy, to the point that a casual observer woudld have cause to wonder if theywere in cahoots with the Communist Chinese.

The Party of Trump is getting ready to transition back to being the Party of Hoover.

Speaking of that orange-haired asshole, it appears that the reason why Trump is blowing up the coronavirus relief bill is because Republicans were insufficiently loyal to him in supporting his coup attempt.


dinthebeast said...

Fergus is a traitor, through and through. Traitor to the constitution and human decency and blah blah blah, he's a traitor to his own party. Gratuitously so. He could have blown up the disaster relief bill in a plethora of ways, not the least of which is by just doing nothing until it turned into a pocket veto, which would happen after this congress was over and the whole thing would reset back to square zero.
But no, he had to make it about the amount of the direct payments, which his party was already eating shit with a shovel over the $600 figure.
As for Lindsey and the deficit: “You know,Paul, Reagan proved deficits don’t matter,” said Dick the fuck Cheney.
But there I go remembering stuff again.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

JustMusing said...

Magats always eat up the Republicon message and turn into T**** zombies. T**** owns them now and he will continue to feed them the garbage they desire.

The Dems and others need to play hardball for change by standing united and not giving an inch to the traitors.

On our way to 500,000+ dead, people tossed in the streets, and no money for food, but the deficit, the deficit. Christ on a crutch would be turned away from the ER now.

Richard said...

"the malleable South Carolinian" give credit where it is due, that is a pretty good description.