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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sturgis Superspreader Event

Even a casual observer of this pandemic would have realized that the Surgis Motorcycle Rally was a potential superspreader event. And that is exactly what happened.

One guy, who thought that Covid was no big deal and went there, got sick and brought it home to his family. He had this to say afterwards:

“I was naive I was dumb, you know? I shouldn’t have went. I did; I can’t change that, so I just got to move forward. But sitting here just the past few days, that’s all I keep thinking about. I’m like, Jesus, look at the hell I’m going through, the hell I put everybody through. It ain’t worth it. It wasn’t. It really wasn’t.”

He was naive and dumb, indeed. If there ever is a Hall of Retarded Governors, Kristi Noem (T-SD) will be a shoo-in.

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo (NY) ordered the shutting down of a massive Hasidic wedding scheduled for tomorrow. The Hasidim have been obstructionist in fighting the pandemic is Israel, as well. If Hasidic Jews hadn't been regarded as being backward and ignorant before, they will have by the time this is all over.


dinthebeast said...

Most of the bikers I know are smarter than to go to Strugis in a pandemic, and that was the problem. The smart ones didn't go, so you couldn't really expect the ones who did go to behave themselves.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Midwest Chick said...

Actually the study was inaccurate. Please see the following USA Today report.


A lot of Sturgis activities are held outdoors and the latest meme is that large outdoor events are safer. If protests/riots are not super spreader events for the same reason, then how could Sturgis be except for bias in reporting?

Comrade Misfit said...

There were a lot of indoor activities going on at Sturgis. Crowded bars, restaurants, and the like.

Ten Bears said...

I found it necessary to make a cross-country run in that week. I went through Minot, and across the northern tier of Montana and North Dakota. Though I've been to Sturgis numerous times dating back to the seventies, not this time. Nowhere near it.

The last couple of times I've made that run, in particular the 50th anniversary run, it was such a tourorist zoo I swore it off. Ain't nothing like the old days about it. Of course that can said of the whole "Harley" personna these days. Well past time to retire those wings.

Not to mention "loud pipes save lives". No, it's just fawking rude.

Eck! said...

Therein lies the error, outdoors is ok... However eating, drinking, general,
revelry plus sleeping quarters were indoor events.

All the fun stuff was indoors! All the likely points of contact were
unprotected (no masks) and high contact, hug a buddy.

Myself I called that a spreader event. Same for Laconia.


Stewart Dean said...

Both events qualify as mass Darwin awards, as do Trump rallies (says Stewart self-righteously)