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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Just Going to Leave These Here


Stewart Dean said...

I have an '03 VW Jetta diesel, bought in '05 with 11K miles on it. I've put 250K miles on it in the 15+ years I've had it (getting 40-50 mpg)...I get at least 1 extended warranty sales call a month. Where do these turkeys get the calling prospect data and who could believe them to be legit? Yes, yes...'There's a sucker born every minute.. and two to take him'.

Ten Bears said...

They always call about the car I don't have, never call about the 1 ton Chevy 4x4 I do.

And they never call about the girlfriend's Smart car. W'zup widat?

Bounce. What happens when your 'chute doesn't open. No joke.

Comrade Misfit said...

In my household, the newest car is fifteen years old. We get those calls.

w3ski said...

Our Pickup is a 2000 year model and we get those calls too. I so wish to be eloquent enough to get past the intro and all the way up the chain to the human number taker and then have a "conversation" with that person. I'm afraid though, that I would somehow give them a "yes" in the conversation leading to that and wind up in trouble.
On a previous spam call, I did once make it to the cashier and gave her hell for working in a fraudulent company. The salesperson then called me back in anger for haranguing the cashier. Poo, Poo, shouldn't take that job, to begin with, if you don't like rude responses. It was fun that time.