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Monday, February 11, 2019

See What They See

I've had some friends who were color blind. One thing I wondered was "how's that work?"

Now, you can find out, as there is an app, Color Blind Pal, for Androids and iPhones. You can simulate any form of color blindness.

For the color blind, the app will say what color you point the the phone at. You can also use it to intensify/alter the colors of what's on the screen, so you can see what those who are not colorblind can see. It can really help.

The neat thing, for me, is that dogs and cats don't have cones to see red. In humans, that would be protanomaly, but for our critters, it's not an anomaly. So you can see what they see.


dinthebeast said...

After delivering a refrigerator to a house in San Francisco, I remarked to my co-worker "That was quite a floor in the kitchen." Said floor was 12 inch tiles alternating turquoise and pink. Everett said "What about it?"
Then I asked if he was color blind, and he said that he was.

-Doug in Oakland

Fine Swine said...

I'm red-green color-deficient. Just today, I received my new EnChroma color-vision glasses. It's very interesting. The difference is subtle, until it's not, and then I'll realize that some mundane object looks completely different than it used to, or a color just pops out. That and the fact that my normal world is apparently much more washed-out looking than what the rest of you see. I'm enjoying these things and can't wait for a good sunny day, when the effect will be even more pronounced.

The New York Crank said...

I'm color blind. Officially red-green, although I also confuse blues and purples, purples and some pinks, some reds with some browns. And rarely red with green. At any rate, my color blindness was diagnosed by showing me a bunch of pictures of dots, which have numbers in them made of dots of a different color. When other people see the number 79. I see 53. Or no number at all.

I'm also convinced I see colors that others don't see. To me, young grass is a totally different color than mature grass, which is a totally different color than the skin of a ripe avocado. Meanwhile, the green of traffic lights is white, and looks nothing like the color of any of the other things I'm told are green and that I've learned to call green. And on it goes.

My world does not look the least bit washed out. Just different. And sometimes a thought occurs to me. What if all of you are the ones who are color blind, and I am seeing the colors as they are actually meant to be.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank