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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Trump Admits to the Thing That He's Been Denying for Two Years

President Donald Trump on Sunday appeared to change his story about a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that is pivotal to the special counsel’s investigation, tweeting that his son met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer to collect information about his political opponent.
There is no "appeared to" about it. Trump has just admitted that he, his son and his campaign sought to get information from a hostile foreign power about a political opponent.

That is an "in kind" donation. It's illegal for foreign nationals, let alone governments, to contribute to political campaigns.

So, sorry, El Trumpo, you not only broke the law, you just admitted to it.

If you're on the Right and you're going to defend Trump, then ask yourself how you would have reacted if Clinton had done it. If you say "no problem," then you're more than likely a pants-on-fire liar than not.

Trump colluded with the Russians. That point is now an established fact.

So now we're seeing whether the Right owes its allegiance to Donald Trump or to the United States of America, for "both" is no longer a viable answer.


3383 said...

I voted for Trump. Still would if the opponent was Hillary.

Doesn't make me a supporter. He can dig himself out of his own holes.

Harry Hamid said...

This story sure has been dragged a long way from "There was no meeting," and "There might have been a meeting but it was about adoption" and "There was a meeting but it was about adoption and anyway it was worthless and only two people were there."

dinthebeast said...

So what's next? How much of the rest of his denials will be proved to be lies? He's way out of his depth here. This is not some assistant DA in Manhattan who can be calmed down with a paid fine.
And this is exactly what we get when a two-bit wannabe mobster is made president.
Who is surprised by this, exactly?
My guess is hardly anyone is surprised, but a lot of folks are just OK with it as long as it's their guy, and have been consuming right wing media for so long that they believe it to be normal presidential behavior.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

This is the reason for Donnie’s vociferous denounciations of the press. Once again he will declare “fake news”, trot out his associates to muddy the water (“collusion is not a crime”, “17 (or 13) angry Democrats”, etc), to toss out red meat for his base (“nasty woman”, “lock her up”, etc), and to “whataboutism” the whole thing. Those disaffected Donnie supporters will rally, as will the majority of Republicans, and deny that black is white, and the circus will continue. I’m confident he will rally around Alex Jones today in another effort to distract the attention. Somewhere between 2 and 6 years to go, depending on just how irrational his deep base is...if the country can survive.

bmq215 said...

One has to imagine that his more rational supporters are starting to get nervous. Even if one started with complete trust, the frequency and depth with which he's started to walk back statements is pretty shocking.

Nangleator said...

It's gonna piss me off if the epitaph of the United States is, "The country with the most jails and citizens in them couldn't arrest the one man who openly, on live television, committed their single-most serious crime. And it brought down their entire system of government, which is what a third of the population WANTED."

Comrade Misfit said...

3383, your hatred of Hillary Clinton is such that you would knowingly vote for a man who is in thrall to Vladimir Putin?

Dark Avenger said...

Sexism is one hell of a drug.

Nangleator said...

It's testosterone. Many can't handle it.

CenterPuke88 said...

Gates is spilling, how long can the Trump team allow this bleeding to continue before Donnie pardons Manafort? I assume a Presidential Pardon would end the trial, given that these are Federal charges, as are the Washington D.C. charges. That would be tantamount to an admission of guilt, but that seems to already be out there and the supporters are still crying witch hunt...IDK.

3383 said...

Comrade, I don't hate her, but I found her more subtle in her untrustworthyness, she had/ has the skills to really screw up the country, and her 'women should vote for me because I'm a woman/ those who didn't vote for me were misogynists' (paraphrased) encapsulated how she was running for herself, not me. Nor you.

I'm not surprised at Trump (although I haven't seen this referenced tweet yet). He's a shit, he's beholden moneywise to mostly Russians, and he sure as hell isn't draining the swamp, but I still don't see Trump colluding with Russia over the election.

Trump is hurting the USA, but it will be more recoverable that what Clinton would've done. In my opinion.

Nangleator said...

"I don't hate her, but I found her more subtle in her untrustworthyness"

Liberals are always punished for their potential; their unproven plans and skills and agenda. These imaginary attributes are so much more scary than the actual, openly-stated, damaging intentions of Republicans.

"but I still don't see Trump colluding with Russia"

Not even when he admitted his people met with Russians to get dirt on Clinton? That's a crime, by the way.

John said...

It will take years to dig the country out of the holes you helped create.

John said...

Read the first comment. His base is deeply...irrational.

John said...

The things you say made a difference we’re created and forwarded by Clinton’s enemies, including Putin and Trump. Maybe you should actually look for yourself.

3383 said...

I have now read the tweet, and Trump is being stupid but still doesn't place himself at the meeting.

Dark Avenger said...

Um, nobody is claiming Trump was at the meeting. Please keep up.

Comrade Misfit said...

Trump has admitted that his campaign staff, including his "wonderful son" was trying to get something of value from the Russian government. That, according the the experts, was illegal. It may be that Trump knew in advance of the meeting. He says he didn't know, but he's lied every step of the way.

So, do you believe his denials that he didn't know of the meeting before it happened? Keep in mind there may be proof that he did.

DTWND said...

Hmmm. Let's see.

Biggest inaugural crowd. Most electoral votes since Reagan. Millions of illegal voters. Terrorist attacks in Europe are not being reported. Saved $725 million when he got involved in the AF1 contract. We're the highest taxed nation in the world. The separation of children from parents is a policy from the Obama administration.

These are just a few of the hundreds of DOCUMENTED outright lies Trump has made. He says he didn't know of the meeting before hand, and you take him at his word?



PS. Send me $15,000 right away and I'll help put an end to world hunger. Honest!!!

3383 said...

Whether I believe him or not isn't going to affect the future at all, whether there is proof or not.

But this is the same arm's length/ intermediary stuff that has resulted in the trail of casualties left in Trump's wake, leaving him untouched.

I get that few like DJT. I don't either. But going ballistic over small stuff may inure everyone else for if/ when he gets caught.

And every politician in DC has screwed up somewhere, sometime.

Do you want Pence? He'd be worse, because he knows better how to get the agenda done.

Dark Avenger, I may have misinferred that Trump was at the meeting, mostly because if he wasn't there, and no one can show he was there, and no one can prove what he knew when, then the outrage and your condescension is a tempest in a teacup.

Dark Avenger said...

I get that few like DJT. I don't either. But going ballistic over small stuff may inure everyone else for if/ when he gets caught.

I dunno, he acts awfully guilty for an innocent man. And, remember, a perjury trap only works if the interrogated commits perjury.

Dark Avenger, I may have misinferred that Trump was at the meeting, mostly because if he wasn't there, and no one can show he was there, and no one can prove what he knew when, then the outrage and your condescension is a tempest in a teacup.

Yeah. there couldn’t possibly be any texts, or emails, or calls between Trump or any of his staff or family demonstrating contemporaneous knowledge of the meeting.