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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Right-Wing Corpse-Dancers

Republican Senate candidate Kelli Ward and her campaign think the McCain family may have released a statement about ending the late senator’s cancer treatments to interfere with her bus tour.
Because McCain's fight against cancer and decision to let go was all about Kelli Ward... or so that troll of a candidate thinks.

One has to be a Trump-grace narcissist to think of that. Which Ward apparently is.

Beyond that, from all of the hate and brickbats being thrown at McCain's corpse from the Right since his passing, you would have thought that he was Vladimir Lenin incarnate. Most of those figuratively dancing on McCain's corpse are not fit to have shined his shoes.

McCain served his country, in one fashion or another, for over six decades. I daresay that most of those now celebrating his passing have a tiny fraction of McCain' time serving this country, if any at all.

(I'm thinking in particular of Commandante Bone Spurs, in particular, who could not mention McCain's name while signing a bill bearing McCain's name. I don't believe for a nanosecond that he personally wrote the tweet to honor McCain's memory.)


BadTux said...

This is why I cannot respect the majority of modern conservatives. They have substituted mean-spiritedness and spite for principle. Someone like John McCain sometimes violated his own moral compass for the sake of maintaining his political viability, but at least he *had* a moral compass, and generally regretted it afterwards when he violated it. Today's modern conservatives have no regrets, no principle other than winning, and no emotions other than spite and vindictiveness. There is nothing to respect there. Nothing.

3383 said...

He is a RINO to those who use that term.

His recent tiebreaking ACA vote gave cover to a lot of Republicans who knew voters would be pissed at being shafted. No one will admit that.

dinthebeast said...

Bad Tux: I stole your comment and used it elsewhere (with context and attribution, of course) where it was badly needed. Thank you and I hope you don't mind.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

3383, actually, no. The RINO’s are the right-wing extremists who have hijacked the Republican Party ever since Reagan. Remember the “Evil Empire”, and now it’s Trump’s bankers...the party of the “Balanced Budget” is busy blowing the Federal Deficit up like a kid with fire crackers...the party of “States Rights” and “Local Decisionmaking” is busy passing legislation to hamstring these very things.

Sadly enough, it was Senator McCain that cracked open the door with Sarah Palin. That decision, made against his better judgement, will be a millstone on Senator McCain’s legacy. The selection of Joe Lieberman would probably have resulted in a McCain victory in 2008.