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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Republicans Hate Liberty and Freedom

President Trump’s repeated cries of “fake news” and attacks on journalists as “enemies of the American people” have resonated with his base, with 43 percent of Republicans saying he “should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” ... The survey also showed that just 36 percent of GOP voters disagreed with that statement.
Let's be clear about this: Trump regards news outlets that "engage in bad behavior" as those which publish anything that is less than flattering about El Trumpo, his spawn or his current wife.

This country is defined by our liberties, freedoms and civil rights. Without those, we are nothing more than a collection of assholes with the military and economic power to back up our assholishness. In effect, we'd be no different from being a more powerful variant of Putin's Russia.

That Trump's base would be so willing to trash our constitutional if Trump said so suggests that to them, the Constitution is a meaningless piece of paper. The Pledge, to them, is like praying in church: Meaningless words that have no relevance once uttered.

They are faithless Americans. They are, in point of fact, traitors to the principles that our forefathers fought for.


CenterPuke88 said...
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CenterPuke88 said...

Sorry, no edit, so had to delete/repost:

Reading the survey data and results is truely disheartening. Conducted by Ipsos, a very highly regarded, non-partisan producer of high quality surveys, there are some mind boggling numbers.

85% of Americans believe that “Freedom of the press is essential to American Democracy”...but then this stunner, 26% of Americans believe “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior”! I don’t understand how some 11% of the surveyed population can rationalize their contradictory stance.

Belief that news outlets try their best to do good reporting is only shown by 46% of those surveyed. An insane 29% responded that the press is the “enemy of the American people”, another case of about 14% of respondents holding mutually incompatible beliefs.

The estimated margin of error is 3.5%, with a confidence interval of about 5%.

Even with that, there is still no explaining some of the results, other than that some of the population is hellbent upon retaining their privilege by hook or by crook...hence the positive response to Donnie's dog-whistles and fear-mongering. In breaking down the numbers, we get to the Comrade’s 43% of Republicans number, which closely tracks Donnie’s approval score...

If our next President doesn’t work to reunite this country, it’s a long way down to the Tribal States of America, with every group splintering again and again into smaller interest groups

dinthebeast said...

We could almost use Russia's attack on our elections as a cause to rally around...
Well "we" could, if "we" didn't include the Republicans who like it because they benefited from it last time.
And they're at it again, too, right now. And who's trying to stop them?

-Doug in Oakland

Eck! said...

Its simple really...

The man on the podium is pointing at the press and screaming rhetoric
its them they are doing it to you. They being the free press. Some are
believing their condition in life is due to that rather than accepting
they made poor choices.

We, have a problem.