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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Clearest Explanation for Trump's Foreign Policy

Is that he is Putin's man in Washington.
  • Trump's picking stupid fights with nations that are our allies. The insults being flung by Trump and his staff towards Canada were typically those used before beginning a war.
  • He's continuing to ignore the evidence that the Russians have and are interfering in our elections. 
  •  At every possible occasion, he pushes Russia's point of view.
  • He is advocating that Russia be readmitted to the G-7, ignoring that there are other nations which have large economies that have never been considered for the G-7.
  • He ignores Russian war crimes that got them booted out of the then-G-8 (annexing Crimea, supplying troops to the Ukrainian separatists and shooting down an airliner.)
  • When confronted with Russia's bad acts, Trump has dismissed them by stating a moral equivalence between Russia and the United States.
It boggles the mind. There was a time when the Republicans considered themselves to the be party of national security, always at the ready to lambaste the Democrats for a willingness to talk to adversaries.

But here is Trump, who quite possibly has given away the store to North Korea, in a complete and utter sellout of our ally, South Korea. If this analysis and this one are even close to correct, Trump gave the North Koreans what they wanted, and for what? The future chance to build a Trump beachside hotel in North Korea?

Trump is appearing to be a dimwitted version of Neville Chamberlain: Selling out allies to appease dictators. But worse, for Chamberlain likely had no opportunity for financial gain from a peace deal with Germany. Trump, on the other hand.... well, you can finish that thought for yourself.

Don't expect any pushback from Republicans. Their toadyism to Trump is exemplified by Pence's near-slavish imitation of his master:

The reaction of Trump's loyal base will be, as always, "But, but Hillary!" So let's test that.

Suppose that Hillary Clinton had been elected. And suppose that she had agreed, in outline, to a deal that envisioned selling out South Korea for a promise of denuclearization. Suppose that she had closed her eyes to Russian war crimes and advocated letting Russia back into the G-7. Suppose that she had embarked on a deliberate campaign to worsen relations with our long-time friends. In other words, suppose that she had done everything that Trump is doing.

The Republicans would have lost their collective minds. But with Trump doing it, all you get is crickets.

That tells me that Republicans love their own party more than their country. It tells me that the Republican career politicians will be good little Trumpers and close their eyes to what Trump is doing, rather than stand up, speak out and take a chance on losing their seats. The political reporters pretty much all say that a lot of Republicans in Congress are appalled at what Trump is doing, but they are keeping mum out of fear.

If they truly believed in what Trump is doing, then I could respect that. I don't have to like it, but they would be acting from principle. But in supporting Trump, even though they disagree with him, because they'd otherwise lose their jobs, well, that's somewhere between expedience and cowardice. (Before you say that I don't hold Democrats to the same standard, go read this and this.)


Deadstick said...

They're committed to hanging on until Ginsburg and Sotomayor die. If they make it, they can unwind half a century of social progress.

dinthebeast said...

"But with Trump doing it, all you get is crickets."
And whines of fear at their next primary.
We told them it was a bad idea to fill their party up with the racists we ran off with the civil rights laws, and we knew what we were talking about because those racists had been Democrats for generations.
But NO! It was gonna be great. They would win elections perpetually and the racists would always be easy to control with god, gays, and brown people.
So how is that working out for them now that a gibbering moron has walked in and taken over their party and no matter how awful and depraved his behavior, they still have to publicly kiss his ass or his loyal racists will turf them out in the next primary?
I guess we'll find out in November.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

It tells me that there is no (sadly) better alternative to TheDonald.

IT is hard to tell ineptness (Donnie) from bad intent (Hillary).

Again, if *either party* can back a decent candidate, Trump will be out on his ass. And by "Decent" I mean one that isn't a socialist, or an opportunist who will sell out the country for her personal gain, or a weakling, or someone who advocate open borders, or even someone who is a closet gay man (Not that I care about the "gay" part, just the "closet" part).
And, hopefully, not a part of a "dynasty" nor just the guy who has hung around longest in the Party.

But a REAL candidate. Someone to vote FOR, not someone to vote AGAINST.

Either party can do this, and win. Instead they play games.

I'd sooner vote for nearly any of the commenters here than any of the current possible candidates. At least (mostly) I respect them, even if I disagree with 'em.

B said...
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CenterPuke88 said...

B., you toss Hillary into everything like Fox News tosses the blame on Obama. Just give in to the desire, you know you pine for her.

B said...

Hillary is an example of why we have Trump. He was the least bad of the choices both parties tried to foist on us.

Perhaps if you read for comprehension? I did mention the other failures, if not by name. Ms. Clinton is the starkest example of Why We Got Trump.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., give the comprehension line a break. Everything you say blames Hillary, we get it, you hate her. The problem is you become blind to everything else, everything is focused through that prism. You accuse people of TDS, yet suffer from Hillary withdrawal. Settle in for some Fox News and you’ll feel more at home. And don’t worry, the greed of the Corporate Class will bring about the socialism you despise.

DTWND said...

To quote: "...or an opportunist who will sell out the country for her personal gain,..."

B, Trump is selling out the country for HIS personal gain (Trump Tower-Moscow). Where is the criticism you readily foist on Clinton. Your silence is, by definition, a double standard; an assertion you often make when people on this blog use unkind words toward Trump. That's how I see it.


3383 said...

I don't like Trump, and hope we get someone better in a couple of ears.

It shouldn't be hard.

...If he's communicating with Russia, someone ought to be able to show that. The alphabets are not entirely staffed with Trump fanboys.

B said...

SO try READING FOR COMPREHENSION, CP. I blamed nothing on Hillary. I did use her as an EXAMPLE of why we got The Donald, instead of a decent leader.
To be clearer, CP: Lots of folks could have won against Trump, both liberals and Conservatives. Sadly, NEITHER party chose to back those folks. Hillary was hated by nearly as many as Trump. He was just hated in fewer states. Not by fewer people.
You gotta get over the hate and the pain of your loss loss, and stop looking though the lens of hate and figure out how to find a candidate who can win folks like me over. They are out there....Hillary's husband was one. No current candidate that I can see, on either party, is one I can vote FOR. Reread what I wrote. Look at the candidates in the primary (if you can) without the partisanship and without the frothing hatred, but instead, logically, and you can see why each lost....on both sides. None were good leaders, but some were pushed forward....and the people didn't like 'em...Bush was a non starter, as was Rubio and the others. Sanders might have had a chance (not with me, but a chance with others), but the DNC tossed him overboard. Hillary had as many issues as Trump. The Parties chose to give us shit, and we picked the least bad smelling Turd. If the DNC and RNC chose to find and groom and run candidates like they used to, instead of playing power and dynasty games, we'd likely have a better leader. But neither side does that anymore.

Comrade Misfit said...

Look, I've said, repeatedly, that Hillary Clinton was carrying more baggage than the QM2.

But guys, can we agree to stop flinging shit about the 2016 election? Yes, Hillary captured the fucking DNC and the GOP couldn't or wouldn't stand up to Trump. But those facts are what they are. There's no changing them.

We have who we have as president.

So, now what?

What can the Republicans do to stand up to Trump? Sadly, it seems as though the answer is "nothing".

What can the Dems do?

CenterPuke88 said...

B., you have continually blamed a number of things on Hillary and accused her of a number of other things. I am not required to ignore your previous unretracted statements to judge the meaning of your comment.

The Comrade is correct, at what point will the Republicans acknowledge that they are propping up a tin-pot dictator by not holding him to even the most basic standards they demanded of President Obama? Or are we finally willing to agree that the Republicans were demanding things of President Obama that they are not willing to demand of their own President?

B said...

The Comrade is indeed correct. Now finish the rest of her question.....what can the Dems do to fix this? (I've answered it, as best I can...find Leaders we can vote FOR, rather than candidates people vote AGAINST.)

And you still can't get the fact that I was using Hillary as an EXAMPLE, can you? There's the whole Comprehension thing I was talking about.
You need to chill, bro. Ease back a bit. Lighten up.

CenterPuke88 said...

OK, B., you picked Hillary as "the example". So, let's define:

Reason: a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event.

Example: a thing characteristic of its kind or illustrating a general rule.

Comprehension: the action or capability of understanding something.

So, we see the two items are indeed different, and comprehension includes knowing the difference...it also includes understanding the intent and meaning in the entire statement and in previous comments. What you ignore or discount, is your long history or blaming Hillary as THE REASON for the loss to Donnie. So I am calling out your rampant anti-Hillary screeds, and your blame of her for the loss in 2016, as having made it clear you believe Hillary was the primary REASON the Democrats lost.

In fact, today we get clear evidence that the consipracy "against" Trump was, in fact, a bumbling support for his campaign. Given the vote margins, I most people looking at the election blame Comey's statement for the ultimate loss. I do, however, agree that Hillary was a poor candidate, but I'm not sure Bernie was that much better. Although he would have likely won, it would quite possibly have been a single term, without the House and, perhaps, without the Senate.

dinthebeast said...

Hillary would not have been kidnapping children at the border and holding them in cages while railing against the lack of morality of the other party.

Hillary would not have tried to take health insurance away from thirty million people.

And there's your candidate to vote for, B.

Any of the 20,000 or so women running for office as Democrats this year because, although they voted their race instead of their gender in 2016, the first thing Fergus did was come after their children's healthcare, and it turns out that is even more important to them than race. And that's just the white women. But they are important because without them, Fergus never could have been president.

And I'll lighten up when the goddamn Republicans stop trying to kill me and everyone I care about.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Interesting: Let me see if I got this right: (and, just for your info, that comment was for CP, not you...unless you are the same person? Or is one a SockPuppet?)

So yer a Socialist. First and foremost.

And you think it is ok to let people into our country just because they have children. Or that lawbreakers should be held to a different standard just because they break the law with their children in tow...What about their morals? What about the fact that they are doing something illegal by entering the country against the law?

Who is paying for the health insurance? (Oh, yeah, yer a socialist). What right do those folks ahve to get free insurance?

So, desite your hateful screed, you haven't answered the question. WHat can be done to get us decent candidates? Some without the baggage? Without the illegal acts that were simply not prosecuted because she was a DNC candidate?

Please, explain how the "Republicans" are "Trying to Kill Me and everyone I care about"? I'm interested.

dinthebeast said...

I'm disabled and they are trying to take the health insurance I paid 32 years of FICA taxes away from me.
I may get carded for this, but you are beyond discussing anything in good faith with because you repeat lies and call it discourse.
Have fun with yourself when the changes come, and make no mistake they are coming.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...


So you are on Medicare? If so, then I can see where you are bitter. How old are you though?

But I thought the BarryCare was gonna take care of all that....

Yeah, I still don't see where that "Trying to Kill me" comes from though.

B said...

Oh, and please tell me what "Lies" have I repeated??

If I'm wrong, I'd like to know where. I haven't told any lies though.
Feel free to enlighten me as to what I've said that is not true.

I would also ask why you think that those "30 Million people" are entitled to healthcare for free.

Comrade Misfit said...

Cruising for another comment lockdown, people.

dinthebeast said...

I am 57 and DISABLED. That's how I get Medicare. Perhaps learn about how things actually work before ranting about them, unless you are just trying to piss people off like the trolls on the Field Negro's blog, where incidentally, you would fit right in.
Either way, I'm out.
Sorry for the tone, Comrade, I really do appreciate the place you run here, but I got angry for a minute. I'll try to do better.

-Doug in Oakland