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Monday, June 18, 2018

‘90s Flashback

Remember when the Right lost their collective minds about one kid being taken from his family? Now, thousands are, and all we hear are crickets.


Anonymous said...

I believe he was sent back to his mother of dad in cuba.

Paul said...

worse, we're hearing the Far Right cheering their asses off that "libruls" are butt-hurt about five year old "crisis actors".

B said...

Not quite the same thing, and I cheered that the Rule of Law was enforced then. (although the agent pointing his firearm at the woman holding the child was a bit....jackbootish).
Pretty disingenuous to conflate the two things though, then and now, though, doncha think? I suppose it works for those that already feel they have a right to be outraged, and that already think that folks should be allowed to enter the country for Free Shit whenever they wish. I mean, show up and DEMAND care and feeding and entry and such.

Glenn Kelley said...

B, your right . In the earlier case the child was returned to a parent .
In the present situation the children are being taken from there parents and shipped across the continent to be put in separate detention facilities that the authorities are to embarrassed by to allow the press into .


Glenn Kelley said...

their not there

CenterPuke88 said...


A) No free shit, and you know that. The laws already prohibit benefits to those in the country illegally.

B) The choice to immediately prosecute first time offenders is Donnie’s bright idea, and is already straining a system that is overfull.

C) As you well know, the majority of those illegally in the country are persons overstaying their visa. This is lipstick on a pig for his base.

D) This policy is being enforced where, only the Mexican Border.

E) Sessions decisions to change long established precedents in Immigration Courts seem focused on punishing women.

F) This Administration’s stated view to deter “illegal immigrants” is solely focused on the Mexican Border.

G) Romans 13 has been used to justify slavery, Jim Crow, Nazism, and White Supremacy.

H) Donnie has now pretty much made it clear he considers little brown kids good bargaining chips.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was legal to ask for asylum. I thought that screening is done and the asylum seeker appears in an "immigration" court (not a criminal court) without an attorney before asylum is granted or denied. If asylum is denied the seeker must leave the country and that is the end of it. I believe I've read that the wait for an immigration hearing is over a year. So, if I'm understanding correctly, these parents and children will be separated for at least a year and possibly longer. The different and perhaps better path for these people would be to simply slip into the country illegally. It is only the ones who are following our requirements whose children are removed.

I am not surprised by this policy as I would expect at least this from a country that cheers for torture. I am waiting for the stories that these children are "actors."

Deadstick said...

" I am waiting for the stories that these children are actors"

You missed it, Anonymous. Ann Coulter already went there.