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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

New GOP Theme Song: "Oh, Give Me a Home, Where the Nazis All Roam."

A man who marched with a “pro-white” group in the Charlottesville, Va., white nationalist rally last summer has been elected to a GOP position in Washington state.

[Nazi Asswipe] attended the rally with far-right group Identity Evropa, according to The Daily Beast. He is now a precinct committee officer for a Spokane-area precinct, after his candidacy was uncontested for four days.
If this shit keeps up, the moderates in the GOP are going to be faced with staying in what is slowly becoming the American Nazi Party, or bolting.

Besides the young and old Nazis who are finding a welcome home in the GOP, the Stench of Trump will linger on for awhile, just as it did when Nixon was pushed out of the presidency by his own party.


B said...

Sad. Very sad. Now, if your side could just come up with a candidate that wasn't all "Progressive" and shit, then we could find someone to vote FOR instead of against....and we could maybe find a leader that was decent. But one side runs radicals and the other weaklings....

Instead we get the least disliked candidate elected. And see where that got us.

Paul Wartenberg said...

It was uncontested.

no other Republican in the area wanted the job. either scared off or uninterested in leading the party at that level.

What the hell is wrong with them?

Dark Avenger said...

Progressives have an influence on internal Republican politics? Who knew?

CenterPuke88 said...

Our local Republican Precinct Chair had a small Stars and Bars our front of their house in a small pot for a few years before anyone asked about it. The same lady spouted off a few generic anti-Mexican/Hispanic sayings in the run up to the last election and finally lost by 2 votes. She’s still an election judge.

dinthebeast said...

Republican registration in California is down to 25%.

-Doug in Oakland

David said...

I don't know the circumstances in Washington, but I once had a history professor who got himself elected party precinct chair with a single write in vote, his own. These tend not to be hotly contested elections.

I think some digging might turn up all sorts of crazies from across the political spectrum all over the country who have managed to do the same thing. Very likely it's just a tiny minority of these cases that ever actually make the news.