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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Main Course Was Probably Pulled Pork, er, Chicken. Definately Chicken. Yeah, That's the Ticket.

After skipping it last year, President Donald Trump on Wednesday hosted an iftar dinner to honor the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, declaring it “a great month.
Trump didn't invite American Muslims to share the dinner. He only invited foreign diplomats; people who could be ordered to make nice with the World's Oldest Toddler.

Even George Bush, who had rather sketchy relations with Muslims, because of things like torturing people, invited Americans to his iftar dinners. But Trump can't handle anyone who won't kiss his ass.


dinthebeast said...

One of the few things I respect George W. Bush for is what he said about Muslims in the wake of 9-11. It was the right thing to say, and my feelings toward his other policies do not change that one iota. I could have done with a less bellicose pronouncement about the "governments that support them" in retrospect, but we had just been attacked and he felt like that was his job.

"I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith. It's practiced freely by many millions of Americans and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah. The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself. The enemy of America is not our many Muslim friends. It is not our many Arab friends. Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them."

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

To think that we’d ever be nostalgic for the wisdom of Dubya..