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Friday, June 22, 2018

Because It's Friday

Moving a steam locomotive:

The locomotive is apparently going to be overhauled and returned to steam in a few years.

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CenterPuke88 said...

6023 has been doing a little steaming for a while, but the boiler ticket was about to run out, so they decided to do a complete overhaul before trying for mainline certification. It is the most original of the 6000 class, but has had about half a foot taken off its single chimney and cab to meet the mainline loading gauge. 6024, Edward I, is in overhaul as well, after about 21 years of mainline steaming (also shortened, but with the higher performance dual chimneys).

One other GWR 6000, “King George V” (6000), is preserved in the York Railway museum, but is at full height. The fun tidbit on KGV is that it was shipped over to America in 1927 for a celebration of the B&O Centenary, where the pressurized oiling system onboard influenced the B&O to try it out in place of the grease system on their engines. The KGV is preserved in York with the bell and medallions received on that trip, in situ.