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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


A cop in East Pittsburgh, who shot a fleeing suspect int he back, has been charged with murder. Apparently, he couldn't keep his story straight, which is never a good thing.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I, too, find this level of personal accountability with out public servant heartening if/when they step out of line.

B said...

Running away? Yeah, that'd get you and me charged with Murder. I'm glad that he is treated like every other citizen.

Having said that....Drive By shooting? And he ran? Yeah, I understand (but, note, do not condone) the cops actions.

Running probably sealed his fate though. Not that that justifies the shooting.

Let us wait and see. I'll take $5 that the cop gets off in the end.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., did you read the story? Did you watch the video? Cop played hero and didn’t wait for backup. Got driver out and down, ordered passengers out, they got out. You can see the kid show the cop his hands and turn and run. Cop’s first bullshit excuse was exactly that, which is why he abandoned it.

The DA believes he can get a First-Degree Murder conviction, but still only charged a range which allowed bail.

So, knowing that the cop saw the runner was unarmed and had his hands clear of his clothing (watch the video) as he ran, do you still understand the execution?

B said...

Hands empty don't mean unarmed. Having said that, did you read my comment? I approve of the charges, if only because you or I, as private citizens, would be charged in the same circumstances.

But, again, had he not run, we'd most likely not be having this conversation. This does not, however, excuse the cop.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., I’ll toss your favorite line at you, “read for comprehension”. I’m the context of the comment, the runner was “unarmed” because he clearly had no weapons in his hands. The runner also neither turned toward the officer nor did he conceal his hands in a manner suggestive of retrieving a weapon, and thus presented no threat. Both these points are clear in my question, the question remains unanswered, do tell.

As for the “don’t run from the cops line”, it has become abundantly clear the minority community has reason to run from cops, guilty or not. Once the cops show, by their behavior and actions, that they can be trusted by the minority community, you may be able to make that argument. Until such a time, your answer is bullshit.