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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump = Feck < 0

2A guys, if Trump keeps on his course, he could lose one or both houses of Congress. If he ends up being turfed out f office, whether early or in two years, there's going to be payback. Care to guess who is firs in line?


dinthebeast said...

That billboard is just a bit northwest of here in Emeryville, between the busiest stretch of freeway in the Bay Area and the IKEA based shopping district where my favorite bookstore is located.

-Doug in Oakland

PJ said...

The republicans seem too cocky about the upcoming election. It's like they know they'll still be in power. Call me paranoid but would some of them know that Putin, Facecrack and other election fuckery will get them through no matter what the stupid blob in the oval office fucks up? Based on all the moves Trump and the repubs have done it almost seems like Putin is in charge anyway. I hope I'm wrong but I think because the gopers are pushing the idea that dems are soft on border control and care more about foreign kids then their country that something nasty will happen on the border to rally the peeps around the flag and building The Wall and R's winnning in a wave of patriotism. I guess it depends on how hard Putin wants to hang onto the prize he's attained and I have no doubt he will go to great lengths to keep it as long as his wealth remains intact.

The New York Crank said...

The problem is, Trump's base seems incapable of learning. And another significant slice of the American population can't hold a thought long enough to take it to the ballot box. Somebody will find a distraction days or weeks before the election and that's it. Trump may not win quite the majority in Congress he started out with, but he'll have enough. And he'll still have the Senate. And increasingly the courts. And America is screwed.

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank