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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When You'll Know that the Game is Up for Trump

I suspect that it will be when the Senate, all of a sudden, quickly votes to accept Merrick Garland for the Supremes.

What they'll try to do is to forestall President Obama withdrawing Garland's nomination the day after Hillary Clinton is elected, saying, in effect: "You fuckers said you wanted the next president to nominate a judge to fill the seat. Wish granted."


Paul Wartenberg said...

I had it figured out that they would allow Garland up for nomination in August after all of the primaries are done and they won't have to fear retribution from the primary voters.

Unfortunately I didn't realize that the latest that would be is August 30th, so it's more than likely they'll do it in September. I'll be off by a month.

They'll try to split the vote down to 50-50 and have Biden come in to do it. The Republicans will snark that Garland was that weak a candidate, but the Dems - and Biden in particular - will revel in the win.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yes, but it'll still take Republicans to bring it to the floor, as they have to reach the 60 vote supermajority these days to do anything.

Even to approve buying the cases and cases of toilet paper for all of those asswipes in the Senate.

montag said...

When the nomination come to the floor if the 'Motion to Proceed' is passed by acclamation the vote would only require 50. But Mitch would have to keep all of his crazies from raising any objection. One negative squeak from a Cruz or an Inhofe would make it 60 votes.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Oh, I see.

Didn't LBJ use the tactic of sending certain Senators on fact-finding missions during critical votes to make sure they couldn't raise a stink...?

Comrade Misfit said...

Is it too much to ask to outfit a Dragon capsule and send Mich McConnell on a fact-finding trip to Mars? We can tell him it's perfectly safe, for Matt Damon made it back.

dinthebeast said...

I thought we had a "no infecting Mars with harmful organisms" policy. How about Venus instead? Oops, that one maybe went too far. How about he doesn't have to land, he can just orbit for a few months and then come back? I'm sure nothing will go wrong, given all of the R&D money congress has appropriated...

-Doug in Oakland