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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Betrayal of Trust, British Army Edition

This is bullshit of a type that can only come from the honorless bastards who tend to populate the senior officer ranks in a military:
SAS soldiers believe they have been betrayed after military police were called in over a huge haul of ammunition, grenades and guns handed in during a weapons amnesty.

Senior commanders became alarmed by the vast stockpile despite “no questions asked” assurances given to members of the elite special forces regiment to encourage them to dump souvenirs collected during missions.
The soldiers have a right to feel outraged.

And as to the senior officers: Smart move, shafting an entire organization of trained killers. Sleep tight, you bastards.


Anonymous said...

That didn't work out as a trust and confidence building exercise. Did it? If I were a soldier, I might remember that the next time I was asked to do something - anything at all, really.

I sometimes have a momentary thought that the French Revolution was very well done.


Mike R said...

Almost unbelievable, but considering the delicate sensibilities of the administrating class what else can you expect.