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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Not Exactly Retail Theft, But.... LGS Edition

I was browsing the revolver cases at a local gun shop. My M.O. is to support the gun industry by buying the guns people traded in so they could buy other guns.

Anyway, lumped in with a bunch of new Charter and Taurus stuff was this S&W Model 60-13:

MSRP on the new ones is $759, street price is often lower. When I see them in regular gun shops,* $700 or so seems to be the norm. The few used guns that I've seen offered in good condition have been priced around $500.

This one was marked $329. I checked the timing and looking down the barrel, shined a light by the recoil shield to see if the cylinder lined up. There wasn't any detectable endshake. It came with its original box, complete with the fired cartridge case, dated 2010.

When I reached for my wallet, I didn't break my arm, but it was close.

What one gets for an additional inch in barrel length are better sights and a good boost in performance over a 2". Over a K-frame, one loses a round and about 12oz in weight.

What might be better would be a 3" Colt D-frame, either a Detective Special or a Police Positive. But if you could find one, it would be priced into unobtainium levels. Or if you could find a beater, you could have it rebarreled, which will run at least $250 for the upgrade.

But yeah, I think I got a good deal.
* not Gander Mountain, home of MSRP pricing.


James Zachary said...

That is a steal ... Great catch.

I be envious.

B said...


You realize that you stole that, right?

Congratulations on finding it and even moreso on knowing it was a good deal.

I'm just the tiniest bit jealous...