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Monday, February 8, 2016

"Dear Waitress: I'm Stiffing You Because Jesus".

That seems to be the latest fundie trick: Leaving a fake tip that is really a religious tract.

I'm pretty sure that stiffing your server by leaving a fake $10 or $20 that is only religious propaganda won't exactly bring people to your way of thinking.

Unless, of course, you're trying to share the "good news" that you are a frelling asshole.



Deadstick said...

I would have gone straight to the Secret Service with it.

D. said...

I'd bet that sort of jerk doesn't think waitstaff remember.

Waitstaff remember. And they communicate.

Maybe not "spit in [jerk's] drink." Maybe just subtle bum's rush. Maybe just happening to get some part of [jerk's] order wrong when [jerk's] in a hurry.

I wonder if there's a secret waitstaff database somewhere...

w3ski said...

When you are newly "forgiven", you seldom stop to think what an Asshole you are to those around you.