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Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Political Surrender Looks Like; Virginia Edition

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Friday signed compromise gun legislation that recognizes concealed-carry permits from all states while making it illegal for someone under a permanent protective order to possess a firearm.
Virginia's AG had abrogated a slew of concealed-carry reciprocity agreements, which began the fight with the Legislature. The deal ended the fight.

Make no mistake: McAuliffe lost the fight. The new law apparently removes the AG's discretion as to whether or not to grant reciprocity with other states. The "no guns for people under permanent protection orders" merely brings state law into agreement with Federal law.

Over 360,000 Virginians have concealed carry permits. That's a lot of voters to piss off. McAuliffe won by 2.5% in an election that had a 43% turnout. Giving 190,000 people who didn't vote the last time a reason to turn out and vote for the other guy probably didn't make sense to him.

Even if it did piss off our National Nanny.



Old NFO said...

That was a win for grassroots activism. VDCL got people calling their representatives, and it got shoved up McAuliffe's and Bloomie's asses! :-)

Joe said...

Only a few states are stupider than we are, so it probably won't hurt public safety in Virginia.