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Monday, February 22, 2016

If Your Dream is to Shoot People, Become a SoCal Cop

2,000 people have been shot by Southern California cops in the last dozen years. Charges were only filed against one cop and he was acquitted. LA itself-- 1,300 people shot by cops since `00 and zero prosecutions.

I, for one, find it very hard to believe that all of those shootings were good ones. But that's what happens when the cops investigate themselves.

It should come as no surprise. Even the Feebies can't be trusted to investigate their own shootings.


BadTux said...

LAPD cops refer to themselves as "The Family".

So did the Genovese and Bonannos.

Just sayin'.

Robert Fowler said...

"We have investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong".

dinthebeast said...

Especially the feebies. They never find anything wrong with the shootings they do.

-Doug in Oakland