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Monday, October 12, 2015

Two Reasons to Avoid Olive Garden

First off, the food is dreadful. They seem to engineer their food to be as unflavorable as possible.

Second, and more germane to this blog, the chain is a GFZ. Which even applied to on-duty cops, until one of them went public with his butthurt. Which seems to be contrary to corporate policy, but even if they do allow customers to carry concealed, default to the first point: The food sucks.


Snowdog said...

our local one isn't marked no guns, and in Missouri all they can do if they find out is ask you to leave. Concealed is concealed. That said, yeah I prefer the small local places to the big chains-but the inlaws love it for some reason.

Deadstick said...

So what happens if you pack concealed at Olive Garden, you make a clumsy mistake and they spot it? Do they have any remedy beyond showing you the door?

3383 said...

I used to see a girl who liked it until we found a corner of the microwave bag in her chickend alfredo.

The service there was never good.

BadTux said...

At one time they had decent food. But that time is not within recent memory. Last time I ate there was in 2002, because it was around the block from the office. I had a pasta dish. There was barely any marinara sauce on it, and the sauce was tasteless, and the pasta was rubbery and tasteless. I might as well have been eating library paste. From what I hear, it isn't any better today.

Frankly I can't imagine any Olive Garden kicking out a paying customer for a concealed weapon. Point being *concealed* weapon. Because they're desperate. They're losing money and the food keeps getting worse and people stay away because of that, so they lose more money. Good riddance.

Comrade Misfit said...

BadTux, the guy they kicked out was a uniformed cop on his lunch break. For reason #1, they did him an inadvertent favor.

Deadstick said...

In the case of the cop, I can more easily believe it was the act of a dimwitted manager than that it was company policy...