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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Money Race

When it comes to campaign donations, Clinton is leading, followed by Sanders. Both of them raised far more money than they've spent so far.

George Pataki, on the other hand, at the end of the third quarter, had barely enough cash on hand to buy a Chevy Spark.

None of this means much of a crap, as expect the Republicans to take full advantage of the legality of "affiliated super PACs" to amass huge amounts of unlimited-donation money to run "honest Injun, we don't coordinate with the campaigns" ads. Johnnie Ellis Bush has a super PAC that has raised over $100 million, but, given that he's not gained any traction in the polls, those 0.1 percenters who have been funneling cash into his PAC must be wondering what they are getting for their hard-stolen money.

Only Sanders and Trump don't have affiliated super PACs. There is a non-affiliated super PAC for Trump, "Hispanic Citizens for Donald Trump", which, so far, has raised no money.

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