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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Airlines Want Feds to Help Them Swindle Their Passengers

Right now, the airlines have to tell you, up front, what the full cost of a ticket is.

They want to go back to burying that in the fine print, so they can advertise a $99 each-way fare and then they can ding you for $300 or better on that $198 round-trip ticket. And so, they're lobbying Congress for that.

Fuck those guys. Airlines are scum-sucking weasels, almost as bad as the railroads once were. Their upper management are nothing more than rapacious pirates.

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Mike R said...

I worked for a class I railroad and they could be some rapacious pirates when the opportunity presented itself. They once had the actual switch crews contacting local businesses, who had stopped shipping by rail in an attempt to persuade them to return as customers. Well some actually believed that the management was serious, silly people. The first thing the division supt. did was have the track to a liquor distributor, who had returned as a customer, torn out for reconstruction after they received their first shipment, now it was a Budweiser distributor so whether this could be considered a public service is another issue, it did not endear the railroad to many local merchants. Needless to say we lost the Budweiser guy again.