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Monday, October 26, 2015

"Yah, Sure, My Super PAC Doesn't Coordinate With My Campaign"; Johnny Bush Edition

The outside political group supporting Jeb Bush's bid for president with tens of millions of dollars in television advertising is considering placing organizing staff in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The strategic move would follow the decision of his formal campaign to refocus its efforts on the two early-voting states.
Ol' Johnny Ellis's campaignis in real trouble, so what if the law frowns on coordinated efforts?

Johnny E. has raised a shitload of money, but with a brother who was arguably the worst president since Harding, a father who was a president and a grandfather who was a senator, there isn't another candidate running who is more a creature of the establishment than Bush.

In this cycle, being an establishment GOP candidate is like rubbing one's body with powdered plutonium mixed in with serum of Ebola.

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