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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Latest Cop Dodge: "Let's not Call It 'A Police Shooting', Let's Call It 'Suicide By Cop'."

That seems to be one way for the po-po to statistically reduce the number of police shootings-- reclassify them as suicides. Because you'd have to be suicidal to take on an armed cop these days, when "ossifer safety" and "spray and pray" are the watchwords.

Look, I know the issue is complex. And there are people who do provoke violent interactions with police. But to equate that with stepping in front of a fast-moving train is false logic, and explaining that would insult the intelligence of most of my readers.

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BadTux said...

Especially the ones that are "suicide by cop" where the guy is *shot in the back*. Those suicidal people must have orangutan arms to be able to aim a gun at a cop while running the opposite direction with their back square to the cop!