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Monday, May 18, 2015

Not Caring Much

I really don't care that much that the sole survivor of the Brothers Kablamov was sentenced to die.

This cake was kind of baked. If the prosecutor was one of the few kids from the Massachusetts School of Law to pass the bar in 2014 and if the defense had dug up and reanimated Johnnie Cochran, I doubt if the outcome would have changed very much.

There will be appeals, of course, but probably they'll be dealt with swiftly and he'll be executed before the decade is out.


Nangleator said...

Yeah... we'll show all the martyr wannabes that if they try that shit here, we'll kill them in front of the whole world.

ASM826 said...

"Swiftly" would mean they were hammering the gallows together this week. He'll languish for years.