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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bake Sales for Bombers, Cookies for Veterans

Rafael T. Cruz has a new way to fund veterans' benefits: Sell cookies.

I wish this was a joke,but...
During a campaign stop in Iowa on Wednesday, Texas Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz made a suggestion that some military veterans may find controversial, if not outright offensive: he believes that the office of Veterans Affairs and the Pentagon should sell cookies to raise funds, a concept he admittedly borrowed from the Girl Scouts of America. ... “We need to make spending cuts that not everyone will be happy with, but we need to come up with solutions that make up for those cuts, too. For instance — and I’m just thinking out loud here — but the Girl Scouts make a lot of money selling cookies each year, and it brings attention to their cause. We’re talking billions and billions of dollars here. That’s an innovative idea right there, and I just came up with it on the spot. That’s what I want to bring to the White House.”

“Something like that, selling cookies, would generate billions of dollars for veterans while also connecting them with their friends and neighbors in a new and innovative way,” Cruz later continued, responding to yet another question from an attendee. “Think about the opportunities these veterans would be exposed to. Think about the potential of meeting a new employer, for instance. This idea would raise billions of dollars for vets each year, gives veterans the sort of public attention they deserve, and could open new doors for our nation’s bravest fighting men and women. This would be a golden opportunity for veterans, and for America.”
Right. So we'll have a bunch of legless/armless veterans sitting outside of grocery stores and Wal-marts with tables of Crippled Vet Thin Mints™?

UPDATE: I've been had.

Meanwhile, the NY Times has a piece on the billionaire that pretty much owns Marco Rubio.

Jake had two spells of barfing today. The first was under the kitchen table, the second on my bed. I gave him the same antacid med that I used to give George. He's now sleeping in one of the places that he goes to when he wants to be out of sight. My vet said to give him Science Diet canned food for urinary health, but you'd think that I had offered him arsenic laced with Ebola.

I'll give him some Kitty-Crack tonight as an apology.


CenterPuke88 said...

Because, God knows, these Vets haven't done enough for the country to deserve something they were promised for free...put the lazy bums to work. Coming from a guy with the following Military Service Record:

GolFoxtrot Yankee said...

Sadly it is a joke: "This website is in no way affiliated with http://usatoday.com." It's a repost from National Report, "a news and political satire web publication".

This kind of claim is usually made against Democrats anyway. Had it been credited to Hillary it would have been breaking news on FOX.

Comrade Misfit said...

Problem is, it's 100% believable. Cruz is that crazy.

GolFoxtrot Yankee said...

The Republican primaries and debates are going to be amazing. "I say you coddle minorities!" "I say you don't avoid coddling minorities hard enough!" "Well I've never seen YOU at the Klavern!"

Deadstick said...

Fellini sends a get-well to Jake.

CenterPuke88 said...

Sucker, that's me when it comes to one of "my" Senators too. It's just so close to e crap he sends me in response to any letter to his office. Ouch, that hurts, getting sucked in like that...I feel your pain.

On that note, get well, Jake.

w3ski said...

My kitty would Never eat science diet canned. Try Innova or another brand. They all make a sensitive stomach version.
Been there and done that

Comrade Misfit said...

GFY, oh, they'll say lots of crazy shit during the primary season. And it will all be thrown back at them during the general election.

w3ski, I need to give him a urinary health food. The vet wants me to empty and clean out his litterbox and leave it so I can get a pee sample. But given that, when he's feeling really bad, his inclination is to barf on my bed (or poop, if he's constipated), I'm not going to do that.

He barfed again this morning. Both times, it's been an hour or so after he gets the antibiotic. I tossed to top covers of my bed in the washer and put three layers of towels on my bed for now. Call is into the vet. My poor boy....

D. said...

I'm half tempted to suggest that Jake has been reading the news.

Maybe he's allergic to the antibiotic.

Capt.Craig said...

You find it believable because of your misguided thinking.

CenterPuke88 said...

Capt, as opposed to a person who believed that G.W.Bush cherished freedoms while overseeing the hoovering-up of all kinds of data on ALL Americans, just 'cause? (A system that has continued, much to the disdain of many of these misguided thinkers) That's a double standard showing there Capt.