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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stopping Murderous Biker Gangs

Maybe we don't have to go so far as banning motorcycles. Engine capacity limits might work.

A maximum displacement of 125cc, perhaps?


In a little bit of link-surfing last night, I came across one writer who claimed that all of the bikers killed in Waco were shot by the cops. See, the bikers had a bit of a beef with each other, so they were allegedly utilizing alternative dispute resolution techniques and the cops took a dim view of them doing so.


Nangleator said...

If that were true, I'd certainly understand the general order that went out to bikers in Texas.

And the eternal, hidden terror of all Texas "law"men from now on.

Unknown said...

So, since some bad element have motorcycles, you want to ban them all. Sound familiar? Gun control advocates feel the same way...

BTW I'm a 50 yr old female with my own Harley.

CenterPuke88 said...

Sarcasm is lost on some, Comrade.

Why not limit cylinders...that's a better comparison...no one needs more than 1!

Unknown said...

Wow. Went right over my head. I usually pick up on sarcasm. I thought that was an extreme idea coming from her. Lol

Deadstick said...

Unknown: Props to you for owning your mistake. Lot of people would just double down...

Comrade Misfit said...

Unknown, yep, heavy-duty sarcasm. More obvious if you followed the linkage back to the original post form back to The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse.

CP88, true on cylinder limits, would make for a better analogy. But two or three smaller cylinders would make for a smoother ride.

Unknown said...

Yep. I didn't follow back. My bad.

CenterPuke88 said...

Best comment yet on another news site talking about the story called the bikers the "Harley Davidians". Now we just need the right wing whackos to proclaim a conspiracy against the bikers and gun owners.

Sevesteen said...

How about a points system?That way people like me can keep our Japanese 4 cylinders. Penalize for V configuration. Instead of an overall displacement limit a 400cc limit on the per-cylinder displacement. Points added for shaft drive, water cooling and OHC.

It makes as much sense as the various ATF points systems for Saturday Night Special classification, Assault Weapons or import compliance parts.

Dan said...

When the Boston badgemonkeys got the call that Tsarnaev was possibly hiding inside a boat they swarmed the neighborhood with dozens cops.
There is video of the "standoff" which includes the sounds of a BUTTLOAD of rounds being fired. But mysteriously when Tsokar was taken I. He was u armed. Who the hell fired all those rounds? Guess what...it was the po po lighting up the neighborhood out of fear,cowardice, roid rage and incompetence.

So it is entirely possible that every single person shot in Waco was the victim of bullets fired from
an AR.....the weapon carried by virtually every officer laying in wait outside that restaurant.

It's not like LEO doesn't have a long and tarnished history of shooting first and shooting in massive volume. Remember the Dorner debacle in LA...where the nitwits in blue fired over a hundred rounds at a pickup out of sheer cowardice and incompetence because "somebody heard a gunshot". But the vehicle they shot to pieces was the wrong make and color and the occupants were two FAIR skinned women....NOT a black man. Yet the LAPD vehemently defended this criminal act ofattempted murder.

So I find it extremely probable that what happened in Waco was a criminal ambush and multiple felony murders committed by LEO.

CenterPuke88 said...


Living around here and knowing these gangs, I don't.