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Thursday, May 28, 2015

DirectTV Has a Higher Rating than Cable....Big Whoop

DirectTV has been running ads which claim that they have a higher customer satisfaction rating than the cable companies.

Big Fucking Deal. If you're searching for things that have a lower approval rating than the cable companies, you're looking at Ebola, the Black Death, HIV and Congress.

Update: DirectTV's ads promise 99% signal reliability. So you'd better hope that the hour and 40 minutes that the thing is not working each week isn't during one of your shows.

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Robert Fowler said...

Last year, Mediacom did away with their unlimited internet. When I got my first 400 dollar cable bill, I had it disconnected and went to Dish. Not only do we get batter service, we get some channels that cable didn't offer. I've heard Comcast is even worse.

Mediacom has been running a ad blitz here lately because so many people are disconnecting. Between all the rate hikes and their shitty customer service, I'm not surprised. Every time we called with a problem, all they wanted to do is sell us their phone service. We told them we both have cell phones, there is no reason to have a land line. But the answer to every question was always "do you want to subscribe to our phone service". If the cable companies went broke, I'd laugh my ass off.