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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Signalmen! Fly Flags WHISKEY ALPHA HOTEL!

Armstrong: 'Lynching one man' won't solve doping issue.
Disgraced cyclist claims he is doping scapegoat for generations of cheaters.
Call the Whaabulance.

Tell them to take this exit:

Armstrong isn't a scapegoat. He lied, repeatedly, under oath. He sued, for libel, people who told the truth. He didn't just go along with the program, he was one of the fucking leaders. He was doping up to his gills and proudly proclaiming how he was winning clean and honest.

Only now that it has come crashing down around his ears, do we get the sporting version of "I vas chust following orders, meine herren."

Hey, Lance?


Sarah said...

Indeed. The capper was a (no doubt teary) "confession" on Oprah, which I did not come CLOSE to watching.

I respect integrity and honesty. If you can't tell the truth for whatever reason, just don't say anything. Don't lie.

One Fly said...

He's a low life texan who thinks he's entitled.

Comrade Misfit said...

As if we've never come across another one....