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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mars Curiosity Rover Is About to Go Offline!


Nangleator said...


Sarah said...

They'd better wave some sampling arms around before it's "salvaged" as abandoned hardware.

I guess that wouldn't help. They salvage *talking* droids.

w3ski said...

You forgot, they put a laser on that thing. Humm , weapons, wonder why?

Chuck Pergiel said...

Hey! I know that guy!

w3ski said...

Funny how just like earth, everywhere we go in the Solar System, we leave trash. Look at the Moon for crying out loud. Now we are trashing Mars and Titan as well. Inter-space merchants of garbage. No wonder Alien Life forms hate us on TV and Movies. Can't we vaporise the stuff we leave ? All it would take is one good disrupter blast! Seriously.
Speaking of which, what happens to Curiosities Plutonium Power pack once it gets stuck in the sand like the other rover? Talk about leaving Trash!

Comrade Misfit said...

If/when Curiosity gets stuck, then it'll become a stationary weather station for about 30 years.

Nangleator said...

It's not trash now, but useful equipment. When it's dysfunctional, it won't be trash... it'll be considered priceless treasure for a good, long time.

If your definition of trash is 'worthless stuff that is mostly unusable,' then Mars itself is a big hunk of trash. Curiosity reduced the total percentage of trash, simply by landing there.

If your definition of trash requires that people be involved, to create it, then I see you have a problem with the human species.