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Friday, June 14, 2024

The Convention of Amoral Male Whores

Donald Trump spent the day before his 78th birthday being feted by Republicans in Congress who sang “Happy Birthday” and presented him with a cake and gifts. It was a remarkable show of loyalty for a former president who was shunned by many of the same lawmakers after the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

If Don Snoreleone didn't have the MAGA morons in an iron grip, there is no way that "good Christians" like Mike Johnson and the rest of them would stand to be within a kiloparsec of that serial adulterer/liar. But because they think they can get something out of him they want, they'll happily lick his anus.

Which makes then nothing other than political whores.

Actually, it makes them delusional pilitical whores. Because if the FOFF does win, there is nothing more that he'll need from him. He already has plans to govern like a dictator and, if the GOP members of Congress oppose him, Demented Donnie will see that they are taken care of.

They re as delusional as the politicians and weathy jerks who thought they could control Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Putin. Dolt-45 is cut from the same cloth as those two.

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