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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Dear Apple: Thanks, But No Thanks (also, FOAD)

On Monday, Apple debuted "Apple Intelligence," a new suite of free AI-powered features for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia that includes creating email summaries, generating images and emoji, and allowing Siri to take actions on your behalf. These features are achieved through a combination of on-device and cloud processing, with a strong emphasis on privacy. Apple says that Apple Intelligence features will be widely available later this year and will be available as a beta test for developers this summer.

Not only no, but fuck, no. When I either write or receive an email or text from someone, I'd like to be reasonably sure that what is going across the ether are the thoughts of the sending party. I don't want to be corresponding with some fucking AI. And, regardless of what assurances Apple hands out, do you really trust them not to keep copies of everything they send/end?

Maybe it's time to go back to telephone calls and hand-written letters.

The future is coming and it seems to have a high potential for serious suckage.


Stewart Dean said...

...which has been coming for years now. Anything written on "social" media is written on the sand and the wind. I can read a letter from my aunt writing a century ago. Things written on electronic platforms, which are constantly rearranged and 'improved' are as evanescent as mayflies: wait 5 years and it would take a major forensic effort to be able to present it to be read. Even the formats of email change and what you would use to read them.

JustMusing said...

ChatKGB – it’s asking all the questions, and you are obligated to answer them.