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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Republicans Are Following the TOFF Off the Cliff of Stupidity, Trade Ed.

RNC spokesperson Anna Kelly saying, “The notion that tariffs are a tax on U.S. consumers is a lie pushed by outsourcers and the Chinese Communist Party.”

Ms. Kelly is either dumber than a sack of rocks or she is an intellectual prostitute who is mouthing crap that she knows is a lie.

Anybody who has even of smidgen of knowledge about how tariffs work knows that tariffs are a tax paid by the consumer. I've explained it before and it only takes a few paragraphs to do. Of course, a few paragraphs is more than than Demented Donnie will ever read.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

Navarro has a new book coming out about the time of his release from the pen.

Comrade Misfit said...

"Mein Kampf, the Sequel"?

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Titled the New MAGA Deal - sure to crater the economy.
The NHL has an elimination game tonight. Playoffs is the time to watch hockey.

I had good hockey in school
Carry on