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Friday, December 2, 2022

The Children of the Elites Never Seem to Go to War Anymore

The draft-age children of Russian oligarchs and politicians are not being drafted/mobilized.

Some of the children of the powerful in this country do serve, see Joe Biden and John McCain served. In Britain, it is expected that the royal kids serve and some have gone to war. But it's more likely that the kids of the American elites don't serve, whether by convenient draft exemptions or by parental pressure (like threats to be disowned).

The age of "we all will do our part" that was prevalent in the Second World War has long passed. Even in Teddy Roosevelt's line, the desire to serve in the armed forces disappeared after his great-grandson served as a SEAL.


MikeG said...

Joe Biden Dodged. Did not serve.

Comrade Misfit said...

No, but his son did. So did two of John McCain's sons. Other than the swipe at Military School Cadet Bone Spurs, the thrust of the post was about the sons of the rich and powerful not serving.

Joe Biden's dad was nearly broke when Joe, Jr. was born. He had college deferments (as did Dick Cheney) and a medical deferment for childhood asthma.

The TOFF's dad was a wealthy and borderline dishonest real estate mogul.

There are persistent allegations that The TOFF's dad paid off a doctor to get The TOFF a 4F.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Will that do it for what aboutism around here? It's nothing but sophistry.

The 1969 draft lottery was about defunding the Vietnam war. I had my turn in '71. By then it was obvious that nothing good was going to happen, but more people were going to be killed or come home as crippled.

Iron City said...

I had my lottery turn in '71 also. My usual luck..... 330 something out of 365... I never win anything.

But I did 2 years of Army ROTC to fulfill the Engineering school's phys ed requirement. It seemed a lot better than showing up in some stinky gym at 8:00am to play some game. And if my number had come up 1 would be set up to do the officer thing. Most of us did the obligatory vigorous nod, "I want to be an airborne ranger.." thing when asked but most were looking at the branches with the longest officer basic course that would result in a job as far from the shooting as possible. As I recall Air Defense Artillery was a good possible pick, and the VC had no air force so no brainer we'd be in Huntsville or somewhere in Germany drinking beer and waiting for the other guys to come pouring through the Fulda Gap.

Richard said...

I am angry with Russia and the way they behave. I want to see Putin dead. We have a lot of suffering and trouble because of these Russians. They think they are more intelligent because they know how to play chess and manipulate people.
You disagree? Come here and throw me out the window. Or maybe you can arrange an accident. Or maybe you can poison me with some radioactive isotope. I am getting tired of this Putin. Russian people, you share the blame.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

IC - which engineering school. I did Michigan Tech.