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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Macron the Appeasement Monkey,
The Frogs Can’t Help Being Perfidious.

The ISW is reporting that Emmanuel Macron, the cheese-eating surrender monkey currently residing in the Élysée Palace, is basically advocating that Ukraine effectively surrender to Russia.

Make no mistake, that is exactly how the Ukrainians will see this. Macron is stabbing them in the back. The Ukrainians have the Russians off-balance and Macron is asking them to be nice to Ivan the Invader? Madness.

A ceasefire serves nobody's interests but Putin's, especially when Macron rehashes Russian talking points. Hell, he might was well go put forward his idiotic ideas for appeasing the Russians on the Tuckyo Rose show.

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Stewart Dean said...

The French have this problem that they think that they are the center of all culture...and a whole lot else. A lot of it is charming and quite good in its way, but plenty is narcissistic idiocy. They exist in a bubble of their own self-importance and specialness. The country and its people, le monde c'est nous. Or to paraphrase Prof. Higgins, Why can't the world be more the French?

Which is not something that we (Trump, the rest of the GOP clowns, Zuck, Elon), the English (How's Brexit doing?) and the Germans aren't free of either...though less idiotic about it.

Dancing bears: it's not how well the bear dances, but that it dances at all....