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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Iron Batteries

A company named Form Energy is working on rechargable batteries that don't use rare-earth metals. Instead of lithium ions, they use iron ions. In other words, the batteries produce power by rusting. When they are recharged, the reaction works in the other direction.

Will it scale up? It would be nice if it did. For those installing off-grid systems powered by wind or solar, a bank of iron-seawater batteries would probably be safer to have than a bank of lead-acid batteries.


Eck! said...

Iron seawater is definitely safer than lead acid... Why?
Lead, and sulphuric acid.

There is one hazard with any large battery, its a
storehouse of energy, safe when handled right and
hazardous if mishandled.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

What does the physics say? From a physics standpoint, why aren't there any thorium reactors or cobalt batteries?

Eck! said...

Basic problem with that is its still fission, so there are
issues with the waste, waste gasses, and radiation. And
the salt is lithium salt.

Cobalt is old and if it gets into the environment nasty.
Its cousin now over 120 years old, Ni-Iron a very long
lived rechargeable.