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Monday, December 5, 2022

More Right-Wing Bullshit

There are corners of the Internet that are abuzz over allegations that Twitter threw the 2020 election by not allowing blatherings about Hunter Biden's laptop.

Give me a fucking break. Hunter Biden's laptop is a fixation of the Trumpian world. The idea that Twitter affected enough votes to swing the election is laughable. The only people who give a fuck about that issue were going to vote for Trump come hell or high water.

A 2020 bipartisan Senate report found that there is no there, there. In fact, there are a number of copies of the hard drive out there that have been hacked as, presumably, part of a Russian/GOP disinformation campaign.

So now, the Republicans are going to go off on their bullshit QAnon-flavored conspiracy theories to hold hearings that the non-batshit crazy part of the American electorate will regard as being further aproof of Republican insanity.

It's all going to go down in the same way that the Benghazi hearings, which were widely perceived as a GOP circle jerk. The Democrats will make hay about how, with all the problems in the world, from climate change through the Ukraine was to China's posturing, the number one priority to the GOP is Hunter Biden't laptop.

The Republicans are truly the party of stupid.


B said...

So if Twitter matters so little, then why the big HuHu that Musk is changing it now?

And you can dance all you want about the laptop data. It's real, it was suppressed, and the truth is out there that information was being suppressed by much of the Media, both print/video and Social.
The public is wising up to the fact that your side lies and hides news, and that Big Media is leaning on the scales to aid the Left.

pigpen51 said...

The Republicans should have had a red wave. The fact that they did not proves one thing. They are more concerned with revenge than they are concerned with getting on with the future of America.
B, I am afraid that you are just wrong on this one. Even if the Democrats cheated and miscounted and killed any people who tried to expose the vote in 2020, the fact is, the Republicans just proved that either they did not do a good job of showing what they would do FOR Americans, or they DID show what they would do TO Americans, and the vote went accordingly.
One thing that you can watch to show just how out of touch the Republicans are, is the coming vote in Georgia, between Warnock and the worst Republican candidate in history. Because there is no doubt in my mind that Walker will get shot down the worst that anyone has been in recent mind.
The Republican party is over. I can see another version of some 3rd party coming, that is conservative, only with common sense, and perhaps brains enough to actually run the government.

Stewart Dean said...

B: " the truth is out there"
..and so are great yammering hordes of crackpots that can prove, prove I tell you, that 2+2=Trump won, that the Earth is Flat, and Jesus (with Trump) is coming next Thursday.
The hook, the hook! You and Herschel can argue over who eats who, werewolves or vampires. Just don't do it here.

Eck! said...

b: the laptop is such a mess of smoke an mirrors that it
doesn't count in any court. Its chain of custody is
so corrupt to be how it got the the little computer
store on the corner. Every story is worse and the number
of copies "OF THE DRIVE" saying this that or contradicting
each other makes it just an another big lie.

The lefties done lie, is your counter to the well over 40000
verified lies and still counting told by the orange jesus
means something. Seriously?

As was and still is, cite your proof, Faux news is not proof.

Noise, noise, noise. Bla, bla, bla.


ontoiran said...

guess what snowflakes, war is a 2 way street. biden is going down and he's going to take a lot of big fish with him (and it's going to be sweet). all because his degenerate son can't stop playing with himself and smoking crack. selling access to the big guy is the only gig he's got and there's no way that den of pederastic thieves could have accumulated their wealth on a senator's salary. you know, come to think of it i'd like to see how the execrable biden family would stand up to the kind of scrutiny the trumps have. yeaaahhh...turn the doj, the fbi, the irs, the new york district court, a few state ags, the republican party, the msm, big tech on THEM. NOW THAT would be a show

dinthebeast said...

Let's see, is Hunter Biden working for the Biden administration? Did he get two billion dollars from the Saudis? What was I reading in here a while ago about double standards?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

How Do You Know!? That those dick-pics are of Hunter Biden’s dick? Is his name tattooed on it?

Why are you so preoccupied with other men’s dicks?

dan gerene said...

B, Assertions without evidence can be dismissed without any more consideration. Also, the conservative owned media gives more coverage to the right because it knows that the outrageousness of the current right wingers gets more audience than the boring left that is just doing it's job.

Dark Avenger said...

B, the chain of custody on the laptop is so fucked up you could have Hunter Biden in a video from it showing him robbing a bank and the best prosecutor in the world couldn’t convict him because of the uncertain origin of said laptop.

w3ski said...

First, it was the vote count, now it is Hunter's laptop. The Rethugs love to find blame where none is. They just can't accept losing, so they have to blame something out of their control. It isn't possible to them that their people and policies are plainly unpopular, it has to be something else. Some form of cheating made them lose. Not only is this whining pathetic, but it has also become aggravating to hear since they use it for every loss now.
Show me the proof without making me read 12 exposes or using science fiction, and maybe I will look at it. Till then, all of you election deniers sound just like spoiled toddlers that never learned how to lose gracefully. Get a life.

Comrade Misfit said...

Ontoiran, please, sincerely, seek professional help. You are not well.

pigpen51 said...

I have to say, the laptop might be a factor in something. But until it has been looked into by the proper authorities, it is simply an instance of something for network news hacks and opinion peddlers to discuss ad nauseum, until the next thing comes along.
Comrade Misfit, I do apologize both for any of my posts in the past that might have sounded like a couple of those on this thread. It is one thing to discuss something that has some substance and it is a totally different thing all together to discuss that which is a tease. I myself am not as concerned about chain of custody on the laptop, because the FBI and their technology dept. certainly can figure out if the material on the hard drive is real or not. I doubt that it has any effect on President Biden, it can only harm his son. The problem is that the campaign decided to spike it to avoid having to deal with it, before the election. While perhaps no crime is involved with that, it does lend the air of impropriety to the thing.
Again, I submit that the Republicans are going to prove just what they are made of, whether it is made of the desire to truly make America better of if they only want to promote the Republican party by seeking revenge for what they perceive as some slight by the Democrat party. It might be that the Democrats have some things to answer to. At the least they have a few things that they attempted that are against the constitution. Things like 2nd amendment provisions that they sought to implement, just after the SCOTUS handed down the ruling dealing with guns and gun rights. The whole covid 19 pandemic and the way that they treated the vaccine, telling that it would stop anyone from getting covid and then continually back tracking until their word cannot be taken seriously or at least trusted.
The economy of course, by printing so much money with nothing to back it, and handing it out, and then wondering why inflation is running so high, it doesn't take a genius to know why. But these are issues that call for serious discussions by serious people who are more concerned with the future of the nation, and not things from the past. I think that we all know pretty much where the Republicans concerns lie. And the fact is, it is too bad. Because it cost the party a lot of races that they could have won. And it is likely that it will cost the party it's entire existence. From what I see, it won't be any great loss.