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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Question About NC Terror Attack

No doubt, you've read about that.

I've not seen anything about the oil that drained out of those transformers.


squiregeek said...

I live here and the local paper has mentioned it. Word is we will have power by midnight tonight. Glad we have a honkin' big automatic generator on the farm. For my money, it was the Proud Boys (Pathetic Incels was taken), and about the drag show downtown.

Dark Avenger said...

The silence must be deliberate, this is what a site devoted to energy news noted

Duke Energy spokesperson Jeff Brooks told E&E News that “more than one category of equipment was hit.” While Duke Energy has spares to replace the damaged equipment, the repairs are complex, he said.

Brooks would not discuss what equipment was damaged, citing an active investigation. The Pilot newspaper in Moore County reported that one substation’s infrastructure was “heavily damaged,” and a gate was lying in an access road.

One critical vulnerability of substations are the transformers, which raise and lower voltages so power can flow from power lines to buildings. Transformers require a coolant to prevent overheating and damage, and supply chain disruptions have made it hard for utilities to acquire new ones (Energywire, Oct. 20).

Can’t blame them, you want to have a good case when you find the culprits and detailing what they did wouldn’t be helpful to the investigation itself.

Ten Bears said...

Let's not give anybody any ideas, aeh Cap'n?

(you're the first I've seen it)

w3ski said...

I understand the oil is now silicone based with only traces of PCBs left behind. It shouldn't be a major disaster. Now we wait for the copycats to start in. A lot of these sites are remote so not sure how effective policing will be. I remember as a teen when someone blew up a power transmission tower in the Bay Area, the company started helicopter patrols of the towers. Even as a kid I could see the futility of that. All you had to do was keep an ear peeled for the rotors coming. It sure would be nice to arrest these new revolutionary want-to-be's.

Aaron said...

Rather reminiscent of the Metcalf, California transformer attack in 2013.

As in the Metcalf incident, no one is claiming responsibility, and now nine years later our power distribution system is still just as badly vulnerable as then. It seems that neither lessons have been learned, nor spares accumulated to address such attacks.

Bryan said...

At best it was mineral oil, but it just as easily be PCB. The power company would be in no hurry to mention it.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Ft. Bragg is nearby. Pinehurst is a pretty high end retirement and golf community

Eck! said...

THe EPA years ago put out requirements.

You can use PCB laden oils if the location has a
containment system. The biggest issue in wells and
ground water contamination. Keep it contained its
fine. Its been decades so its likely a mineral
or mineral/silicone base without toxics.

The PCBs if not released to the ground water and
contained are not rattlesnakes, it doesn't attack.
Just done play in it.

There is much not said, so the how and all that is
being played close to the chest.

The less let out the more likely someone will say
something that is not commonly known and expose