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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

Low-level flying in a B-58.

The B-58 had a relatively short service life. It quite possibly had the shortest operational life of any postwar bomber.


Leo Knight said...

I loved the look of the 58. Sleeeek!

deadstick said...

I did too, but sadly all it had was cool. The SA-2 made it useless in its high-altitude design role and turned it into a colossally expensive low-level, subsonic airplane. SAC couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

Joe said...

The phrase "postwar bomber" makes me sad.

Leo Knight said...

I read somewhere that it had problems with its landing gear, which had to be relatively small to fit in the narrow airframe. High speed blowouts, etc. One commenter described it as "a bear in toe shoes."