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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gov. Pence Inadvertently Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Right

From the written text of his speech:
And let me thank Speaker Paul Ryan for that gracious welcome. Paul, you’re a true friend and a great American leader. But Paul knows me well, and he knows that the introduction I prefer is much shorter. I’m a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican, in that order.
Now imagine, if you will, changing the religion that he identified with in that speech. There would be riots in the convention center and uproar all of Fox News and their ilk.

But there's not. Pence is a card-carrying member of the Christian Taliban, best known for signing a "no wedding cake for faggots" bill into law. So it's OK, as far as he and his people are concerned, to write their particular bits of religious-based bigotry into the statute books.

But nobody else gets to.


B said...

I agree with you.

And I'm gonna vote for them...

But he didn't , as you misstated, sign a "no wedding cake for faggots" bill. He signed a bill that lets a business choose not to serve a customer if they feel that it goes against their sensebilities.

How many Mulsim bakeries were tried by the LBGT community? Zero. How many refused?

You cry hypocrisy....and you are correct. But you deliberately misstated the bill he signed....which he did only because of the excesses of the LBGT community. Had they not been looking for a way to hurt decent business people who don't approve (but didn't discriminate in normal business practices) of the LBGT lifestyle, the bill would never have been before him. The activists caused it, not the governor.

I, actually, wish there were another choice between Hillary and Trump/Pence. Sadly, again, we must choose the lesser of the two evils.

But please, don't lie.... that makes you no better than the Democrats.

dinthebeast said...

Actually, even Jan Brewer was smart enough to veto that law. Not Pence. Then he was all surprised when there was a massive backlash that damaged his state's economy. I guess there wasn't anything on hate radio or Fox news saying it was a bad idea, so he never got the message.

-Doug in Oakland