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Monday, July 4, 2016

Can Donald Trump Really Be This Politically Inept?

He swiped an image of Hillary Clinton from an anti-Semitic website and put it on Twitter.

This is the now-deleted tweet:

Trump claims, of course, that it was innocuous and that the "dishonest media" is blowing this out of proportion. He believes that calling him out on his blatant racism and sexism is only "political correctness run amok".

Really. The Donald is so naïve that he doesn't recognize that was the Star of David, because he's so used to seeing it as a "sheriff's star"? He's a frigging Yorker bastard, not a SASS member.

So, on a weekend when the buzz should have been about Hillary's FBI interview and Bill's tarmac meeting with the AG, The Donald is tripping over his own feet. Again.

Is he trying to deliberately blow this election? I don't say that with an ounce of sarcasm, for it certainly seems like the more likely explanation for all of this shit.

Or is he trying to fuck it up so badly that he can quietly (and with plausible deniability) persuade the party to choose somebody else? And if not him, then whom?


deadstick said...

WRT the tarmac meeting issue, it's pathetic BS. If an ex-Pres and a sitting SecState want to collude, they have resources at their disposal to bury the information where Indiana Jones can't find it.

Marc said...

Put on extra heavy tinfoil hat:

What if, since Trump was a friend of the Clintons years back, they made a deal with him so that he'd run as a Republican when Hillary took her shot. This would be a supreme level of rat fcking all those who hounded the Clintons in the 90's. Now that Trump has done the deed, he needs a reasonable exit strategy, and alienating every potential sane voter seems to be the plan.

BadTux said...

I don't think Trump really wants to be President. It would interfere with his ability to grift. He likes *running* for President though, it lets him steer lots of campaign funds to companies he controls. I.e., he's in it for the grift, not for the win.

3383 said...

Trump reeeeally isn't used to nor wants to be told what not to do or do, even for his own good.

I'm still voting for him on the theory that illary is more able to screw things up.

I'd really like any candidate running for anything to support reproductive freedom AND the 2nd Amendment.

Unknown said...

DMC sez:
I'm with Marc. I think he's running to lose and that was the idea all along. If you thought for a month of Sundays, you'd be hard pressed to come up with a more purely odius and vile bag of obnoxious pus than Donald Trump. He's someone who couldn't fail to fail and therefore exactly who should run against Hillary. Any of the regular guy Republicans would be able to at least count on the party affiliation to get them 45% of the vote and only having to work for the 6% to take them over the top. Trump is threatening to crash the whole party it to a metaphorical bridge abutment.