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Sunday, July 17, 2016

And Now There Are Two!

There are now two B-29s flying.

UPDATE: Doc may not fly again for awhile. One of her engines may have shit the bed.
The flight itself lasted approximately 15 minutes encompassing one takeoff, climb out to pattern altitude, and a return and landing. The crew chose to land after circling the field when a precautionary "chip light", indicating the possibility of metal pieces in one of the engines illuminated.

UPDATE #2: There were three chip lights, not just one. But nothing was found. The chip lights are helicopter ones, they're very sensitive. IIRC, HSL-34 used the call sign "Green Checker ###" for their aircraft. One was informally known by the host Knox FF's crew as "Chip Light 240", because a lot of that bird's flights ended that way.


Sarah said...

I wondered why the flight was so short. The other, "FiFi" will be at Oshkosh again this year. Maybe some year there will be room for both.

drouse said...

Just minor bit of trivia. One of my neighbors back in the nineties,and I remember him remarking that Disney were being dicks about the nose art.

drouse said...

that should have read one of my neighbors flew them in WWII and was involved in the project.