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Friday, July 15, 2016

Dear Dumbasses: When the Po-Po Pull You Over and Point Guns at You....

... Do what they tell you to do and when they tell you to do it. If they're wrong and they violate your rights, you can talk to a lawyer afterwards.

If they tell you to stick both hands out of the window, don't get out of your fucking truck.

Don't wander around, put one hand behind your back, and then walk towards them.

You're just asking to get shot and they'll probably oblige you.


Gerald Parks said...

Just how do you stop being BLACK in these encounters ... Sparky??????

Comrade Misfit said...

This particular Dumbass wasn't Black.

But your implied point is likely correct; the cops would have bulletized him as soon as he got out of his truck, rather than keep on screaming at him.

BadTux said...

Yeah, you're walking towards a man who has a gun pointed at you, and you're hiding your hand behind your back? Fuck that shit, only one reason to walk towards a man with a gun, and that's if you're intending to yank that gun out of the man's hand and use it against him. Fuck that shit, if someone keeps walking towards me while I have a gun pointed at him, I'm going to pull that trigger too. 'Cause normal people don't do that, only bad guys do.

3383 said...

Comrade, your advice is functionally similar to that given by the Bahamian government- cooperate, don't be confrontational. Survive to sue and testify.
Assuming this would turn out differently based on skin color is the current thing to say, sure. But man are missing the point. CNN stated today that the mothers of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin would address the DNC. My question is, why? For Brown, "hands up don't shoot" turned out to be a lie; and Martin (per Rachel Jenteal's testimony) reached home just fine, the went back to confront Zimmerman.
This is a traged for the parents, but letting emotion override common sense is causing us a lot of trouble. BLM needs to focus on shootings that are less preventable by the victim; blocking freeways isn't getting the message to anyone new.